welcome, welcome to the gremblo secret stash. nice find pal. this is where we keep three of the most well known drawings of the worlds least known hero

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this fancy shmancy art by some dude makes gremblo look so much more handsome than anyone. clearly an unattainable standard of beauty, right as it may be. Jokes aside, I really like that someone decided to do such a great drawing of the worlds most odd of joke characters. They have a nice artstyle and I'm confused why they wasted time on Gremblo of all things. It is, unfortunately, a bit realistic for my tastes, especially with a weirdo like him. Makes you wonder what he'd look like in real life. Guess we'll never know


this one has no origin to be known of. it is how jack found out about gremblo and is supposedly the first known appearance of gremblo. the image is a bit big for the page which may be inconvenient but it is the most abstract and unexplainable photo of him. what does his family look like? why is he so alone in this bright, sad void? we may never know, the story of the great, late gremblo. Jokes aside yet again, when I got sent this by my friend I was obviously greatly confused. Why is it so horribly compressed? We may never know.


woah, he scare. sorry, i'm out of idea dude.